Are HAIM Vampires?: A Non-Exhaustive Investigation


Dear readers, I’d like to draw your attention to the music video for HAIM’s 2017 single “Want You Back.”

The clip depicts the sister trio walking down Venture Boulevard in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles. The sisters begin their journey outside Casa de Cadillac, a mid-century built car dealership that is a neighborhood icon and proceed to walk west down Ventura Boulevard.

This brings us to the late Tom Petty”Free Fallin’.”

The “Free Fallin'” clip was shot at several locations around Los Angeles, but the most important moment for our purposes comes at the beginning of the second verse. “All the vampires, walkin’ through the valley, Move west down Ventura Boulevard” sings Petty. And what location is behind Petty when he sings this line? Why it’s Casa de Cadillac.

There’s only one conclusion that can be drawn from this: Haim are vampires moving west down Ventura Boulevard.

Okay, maybe I’m reaching here, but HAIM has confirmed that the location was a reference to Petty. From an MTV News piece about the creation of the “Want You Back” video:

“We wanted it to be on Ventura Boulevard because that’s where we’re from, and some of our favorite videos took place in and around there like ‘Free Fallin” from Tom Petty,” Danielle Haim told MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson. “It’s literally where we ended up recording our video, that corner.”

Amusingly enough, when Tom Petty last October, fans organized an actual “vampire walk” on Ventura Boulevard.