First Listen: The Analog Affair – “Ticklish”


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First Listen: The Analog Affair – “Ticklish”

“Ticklish” is the first single from The Analog Affair’s sophomore album, Avalanche, due out this July.  The song takes a laid back approach to groove which will be familiar to fans of The XX. Particularly enjoyed the whispery vocals set atop the sparse, yet effective, musical hook.  It all feels intimate and immediate.

The Analog Affair is the music collaboration of Evan Baker & Cody Moser. Formed in the waning days of college in Wyoming, they began swapping tracks and creative notes. After briefly experimenting together on a few songs, the duo decided to join forces and have been diving deeper into their musical journey ever since.

With their methodical, low temperature pop architecture, bite-sized blues riffs, and after hours vocals, Portland-based duo The Analog Affair bring their own unique spin to radio-friendly indie pop. It’s as easy to envision their cooly driven upbeat tracks grooving through dance-floors as it is their downtempo trysts mellowing out the post-revelry festivities.