This Week on Creators Studio: Barrett Crake

Barrett Crake Creators Studio

We recently had the pleasure of premiering Barrett Crake’s new video for “Oceans of You” here on DEVISE.  Now he returns to the Creators Studio for a candid interview on his creative process.

Tune in at 2pm PST Wednesday June 13th on Dash Talk Radio.

Barrett Crake’s fiercely independent approach to his music has given the singer songwriter a creative confidence that shines through with his unique blend of captivating vocals atop authentic dance tracks. Fresh off the promotion trail for the Indy film circuit for “Eternity: The Movie”, (The Indy comedy where Barrett plays a Daryl Hall-like character) this L.A. based artist discovered that performing the songs from the film ignited a subconscious primal voice and spark that had been brewing for years. After being featured on a remix of Corona’s classic “The Rhythm of the Night” that peaked at #2 on Germany’s dance charts, Barrett returned to the studio to record his new single “Oceans of You”, a deeply personal ode to a departed loved one, and the distance between us all.