This Week’s Best New Music: Orkid, UZ, Croatia Squad, Aaron Taos

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Photo of Ladysse
Photo of Ladysse

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This Week’s Best New Music

Kiddo – “Dancing On Your Own

This pop R&B frontman is a smooth operator on this modern disco classic.

Orkid – “So Rude”

Its almost unfair how incredibly beautiful and talented this young lady is. Top notch pop.

Knowledge Thyself – “Joy” Featuring Gift of Gab

Knowledge Thyself provides the laid back jam while epic lyrical gymnastics are delivered by next level rapper Gift of Gab.

Jeremy Zucker – “Better Off” Featuring Chelsea Cutler 

Like a sweet spring lullaby Jeremy and Chelsea really deliver on this disarming tune that took them only 16 hours to write start to finish.

Croatia Squad – “Deep Dish It”

This is one squad that consistently brings the fire with these deep house cuts and tour it around the world.

UZ – “Castle” Featuring Nevve

UZ is a master of the trap game, this track may lean more pop courtesy of Nevve’s stunning vocals, but its still got UZ’s signature beats on lock.

Sazzie – “Do You Work Out?” Featuring Mix Master Mike

If LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” had a kindred British musical spirit, it would be this jam from Sazzie.  Love an artist who does not take herself too seriously.

Ladysse – “Young Hearts”

This wide-eyed and declarative pop starlet shines on her new solo single.

Bahari – “Fucked Up”

Have to give these awesome ladies props for going bold and naming their song “Fucked Up”. This is a well-shot and choreographed music video, enjoy it.

Aaron Taos – “Venom”

Its a playful video on the high seas. Well thought out and executed.

Kai Exos – “Hold Out The Light”

We’ve got well versed Neo-Soul music, dancers, and the exotic landscape of sunny Morocco.  Can’t ask for much more.