Three Identical Strangers

Imagine the following: It’s your first day at college and surprisingly everyone is excited to see you. However, they keep calling you Eddy. At this point you must be thinking “I must look like this Eddie guy, weird.” Then you meet Eddy and he looks just like you, and not in a passing resemblance way; you and Eddy look exactly alike. So alike in fact that you eventually realize he’s your long lost twin brother.

Now, let’s imagine another story: A local newspaper hears about these reunited brothers and takes their photos. You happen to see the story in the paper and you think “Oh my god, those two guys look just like me!” And so, a pair of separated twins become a trio of triplets who were raised unaware of each other’s existence.

This is the wild true story behind the new documentary Three Identical Strangers. The story of triplets Eddy Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran was a media sensation in the 1980s, appearing on sitcoms and talk shows. The three brothers were all adopted and raised unaware that they were not alone in the world. Their adoptive parents didn’t even know. Then things got weird. It turns out that there was a reason the brothers were separated at birth. Their upbringing was part of a twisted social experiment…and they weren’t the only multiple birth siblings involved in the experiment.

Three Identical Strangers opens in select theaters June 29th.