This Week on Creators Studio: Irving Green & Sky Keller

Irving Green
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Irving Green is originally from Miami, Florida. He attended Miami Senior High school and served as Thespian Club Troupe 0327 President in his senior year in 2010. He is most known for his role as Troy on AMC’s ‘Mad Men’. Irving has also worked with World of Wonder Productions and has been featured in various videos by Youtube and Broadway sensation, Todrick Hall. He is the creator of the science fiction dramatic series Transhuman.
Irving is a true star in the making… and a must-listen on this broadcast of Dash Talk!
Irving Green
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Sky Keller, Originally from Meriden, Connecticut, she was attending a fitness studio there when the owner fell in love with Sky’s singing and sent it to her only entertainment industry contact, legendary TaeBo guru Billy Blanks.  Billy fell in love with what he heard and offered for her to come to LA and he would help introduce her to some people. While out in California, she became a registered nurse and that’s her current day job.

Sky Keller

Then one day she was leaving a show at The Echo and called an Uber and the original driver cancelled the ride, so they ordered another one, the new driver who picked them up happened to be friends with someone who worked for CAM (Maroon 5, A$AP Rocky). and when the driver asked what she did, she said “a nurse” then her friend who was with her said “no you’re not, you’re an amazing singer” and then he said “really let me here something” and the rest is history.

The Sky is truly the limit for this incredibly talented singer and songwriter.

Sky’s latest single “Don’t Get It” is streaming on all platforms now: